What is Adopted.com and what countries does this service cover?  
How is the information collected and updated?  
My circumstance isn't an adoption, it's a different kind of separation. What about me?  
What happens after I complete my registration?  
What happens when I send or receive a message on Adopted.com?  
Do I have to pay to view messages other people send me?  
Can people see private information about me on the site?  
I have a membership, why can't I view my matches?  
I don't understand the difference between a membership and a paid subscription!  
What if I don't become a paid subscriber?  
How can I upgrade to a paid subscription?  
What payment methods are accepted?  
How do I remove my membership?  
How can I cancel my paid subscription?  
Help, I can't get logged in!  
Can I have a refund?  
How do I contact the folks at Adopted.com?  

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