We're here to help with your adoption search. People

find adopted children or their parents

on our site all the time! 

Searching for family members can be difficult.  People find that our totally new way to search for people respects their privacy while still providing a powerful search tool.  Simply put, if you're looking for someone anywhere in the world and they are looking for you, that's a match. You do not have to go through a government organization or hire a costly private investigator.  And if you simply wish to exchange medical information then you do not have to divulge your identity at any time.


This is for people who want to register up to 3 search profiles without any financial commitment.  You don't have to give us a lot of personal information because we perform your search based on data about the adoption or separation itself rather than information related directly to you. We have carefully selected our questions to give you the very best chance of finding your match even with very little information.  You can view and change your profiles as often as you like and your results are presented in a percentage format.  You may also search using a keyword or phrase of your choice.  Again, this is all free. 


You may decide to become a paid subscriber to take advantage of more advanced features like corresponding on the website with others and viewing information others post about themselves.  Partial proceeds go to assist refugees around the world through the IRC every month.


Here is a chart showing the different features of each option:


creating up to 3 search profiles
creating a keyword search
uploading photos
viewing percentage matches
viewing messages from others
viewing others' search profiles
sending messages to others